Notable Residents

Notable current and former residents of Woolgoolga

  • Jack Thompson, a resident of Woolgoolga, won Cannes and AFI acting awards for the film Breaker Morant (1980). He was the recipient of a Living Legend Award at the 2005 Inside Film Awards. Jack has played a vital role in the organisation and running of community events both in Woolgoolga and surrounding regions.
  • Emma Moffatt, two-time women's triathlon world champion, attended Woolgoolga High School. Emma won a bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and will compete in the London 2012 Olympics.
  • Cadel Evans, who also attended Woolgoolga High School, is an Australian professional racing cyclist and winner of the 2011 Tour de France (the first Australian to do so).
  • Rees Duncan, a resident of Emerald Beach, won the World Waveski Championship in 1989, 1991, 2007 and 2009.
  • Harley Ingleby, also a resident of Emerald Beach, 6km south of Woolgoolga, is an Australian professional longboard surfrider. Harley won his first World Longboard Championship title in 2009.Air Marshal 
  • Sir Charles Read, RAAF Chief of the Air Staff from 1972 to 1975, has lived in Safety Beach, Woolgoolga, as of 2010.
Don Clinch’s list of notable individuals and families of Woolgoolga (as of 5 July)
Allan, Colonel ‘Blue’
Alverson family
Anderson, Capt John & brothers
Arkan, Clr John
Ashton family
Avery family
Bennett family
Blackadder family
Bultitude family
Clarke, Trevor (surf club)
Cronberger family, Arthur & Ors.
Crossley family
Crouch, Allan OAM
Drury family
Dun, Clr HWB
Ellem family
Ely family
Featherstone family
Fountain, Clr Fred
Ganderton, Jackie & family
Gentle family
Goodenough family
Graham, ‘Con’ (Wharfinger)
Gray family
Hall, Oswald & family
Hallwood, George (Grafton/Wga SC)
Harper, Dr Cecil
Hart, Dave (Storekeeper)
Hedwards family
Hofmeier family
Holloway, Stan
Hubbard family
Joass, Clr Clive
Johnson family
Laugher family
Lee Hubert family
Malley Lt Commander
Marsh, C W (Policeman)
Meyer, Bill (Grafton/Wga SC)
More, Dr
Morrow family
Notaras family (Grafton)
Newman, COR & family
Newman, George (Postmaster)
Parbery, Duncan (Wharfinger)
Pullen family (Wharfinger)
Rediger family
Richards, ‘Billy’ family (Storekeeper)
Robinson, Clr Ron & family
Rogers family (Wharfinger)
Rudder family (Red Rock)
Sare, William (Storekeeper)
Sharp, Frank & family (Mullaway)
Singh, Teja & family (Sikh priest)
Skinner family (Moonee)
Stone family
Sykes, A F & family
Taylor family (Corindi)
Thompson family (Upr Corindi, Wga)
Toovey family
Turner family
Unwin families
Want families
Waterhouse family
Whitten family
Wilson, W C & family
Younger families
(tba: add others, including indigenous & more Sikhs?).

Notable current and former residents of Coffs Coast

  • George Negus, author, journalist, and current affairs presenter
  • Wendy Matthews, singer
  • David Helfgott, concert pianist
  • Liz Cambage, basketball player
  • Danny Glover, actor
  • Andrew Farrar, Kevin Gordon and Clint Greenshields, rugby league footballers
  • Deborah Knight, news journalist for the Nine Network
  • Sean Murray, actor, plays Timothy McGee on American crime drama NCISs
  • Russell Crowe, actor
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