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Ordinary people doing extraordinary things - supporting people and groups with a real need, community support, fundraising for worthwhile causes.

Through consultation with the local community, the Chamber acts as a lobby group, which provides leadership and stimulates public discussion on issues affecting business, the community and the people of Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches.

Woolgoolga Sub Branch and our Women’s Auxiliary celebrated our 75th Anniversary in 2010, to commemorate both organisations being chartered to operate in February 1935. This is quite an achievement for our small district that we have successfully operated for such a long period.

The CWA is the largest women's organisation in Australia. Its aims are to improve the conditions for country women and children. Woolgoolga CWA was formed in 1933.

The NSW Government, through its Community Building Partnerships program, generously provided a $15,000 grant to enable this program to proceed.

Working Group

Don Clinch, Joy Richardson, Gay Bell and Helen Canakis (Woolgoolga Residents), Councillor John Arkan (also Sikh Community Representative), Cherelle Brooke (CHCC Landscape Architect and Project Coordinator), Sharon Smith (CHCC Graphic Designer), Terrie Beckhouse (CHCC Heritage Committee and Coordinator CH Regional Museum), Marten Bouma (CHCC Heritage Planner), Barry Kelly (Woolgoolga Lions Club), Geoff Morrow (Wga Resident and RSL Sub Branch Member), Lisa Nichols (Woolgoolga Chamber of Comm & CHESS Employment), Trish Stabback (Wga CWA) and Rotarians Norm Michener, David Fayle and Pamela Fayle. 

Thanks & Acknowledgements

A big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project (in addition to members of the working group).

A special thank you to Neil Yeates, author of Woolgoolga, The history of a village, North Coast, N.S.W., our primary reference and major source of material for our panels.

Individuals who were willing to share their research or personal stories: Jenny Storum, Ron Gray, Dianne Collins, ... , Helen Canakis, ...

People who have given us permission to use their photos or sketches: Moira Maclachlan (and Mary Cairncross Park staff), ...

Thanks to Sarah Barker for creating and maintaining this Woolgoolga Heritage Walk website.