6 - Early Education

A few lines from Woolgoolga Public School : centenary 1884-1984, Woolgoolga, N.S.W. [Woolgoolga Public School Centenary Committee]:

1932-1935 ... People attending school during this period will remember the eccentric Mr. Hinman. The present Department of Education’s historian has found him unusual and “a hard man to describe”. Mr. Hinman felt that Woolgoolga was literally “ a hotbed of barely submerged seething passions”.

In 1935 Mr. Hinman was credited with the statement “Very many of the children of Woolgoolga are not worth educating. They come from the convict stock from Port Macquarie and therefore have convict tendencies. It is impossible to do anything with such material. If they were any good they would not be in Woolgoolga”.

Photo: Public School Woolgoolga, 1929

Panel 6 - Early Education